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Default Re: Pokemon Black & White

Originally Posted by JSD View Post
Every single one of your complaints happens to step from TPCi's dub, but whatever, bash 4Kids anyway mindlessly. *sigh*
I think he's saying there have been improvements in the dub switch. Not that TPCi's dub is superior to the 4kids dub.

Anyway I watched it all the way to Battle Dimension but started watching again at the end of Sinnoh. I then watched the first 10 episodes of Unova and stopped because I didn't like that they stopped following the older seasons, made Ash 10 again and acting like an amateur and behaving like he did in the early episodes of the anime such as catching Pokemon without battling them and not mentioning his old friends, rivals, travels, battles, badges etc., and ignored the older fans and aimed it towards the younger ones. I don't care for Iris and find her annoying and my lest favorite female lead, and Cilan my least favorite supporting male led mainly because the way Iris treated Ash annoyed me and Cilan's flamboyant behavior didn't make it any better. I did like Iris's playfulness and what they did to Team Rocket but the constant recycling of episodes turned me off. When Paul showed up in that flashback in episode 2 I had high hopes but he hasn't shown up yet, neither has the rumored Misty who might have returned, or Charizard which was a made up story to begin with.

I get why they did all this. To revamp it for a fresh start since the older fans stopped watching after the dub switch, to make it less confusing for kids unfamiliar with past seasons, and to try to regain an audience. Granted it may have improved so if it did please let me know. The Pokemon franchise is definitely the most successful in the US beating Yu-Gi-Oh by far, the cards are still selling strong, and Nintendo makes billions off the games so it hasn't been dented much since kids were always the targeted audience for the Pokemon franchise.

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