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Originally Posted by TylerMirage View Post
Wait, did… did they just kill Yondu? Like, for real? Wow, that was really…trite.

There was nothing to his death. It doesn’t help that they weaned him out of the series to the point of only appearing in, like, six episodes across the entirety of the second and third seasons. But the fact that they used his last episode to be like “BY THE WAY YEAH QUILL DON’T FORGET WE HAD THIS SUPER CLOSE RELATIONSHIP BOYO JUST LIKE THE MOVIES HE WASN’T YOUR DADDY WE’RE SUCH A GOOD FATHER/SON DYNAMIC IMMA’ SACRIFICE MYSELF FOR YOU SO DEEP I’M DEAD NOW NOOOOOOOOO”, which was predicated on virtually nothing because of his diminished screen presence is just… ugh.
I did appreciate that they tried to do something more with Yondu (and actually had the guts to kill him off) but it did feel contrived with how little they had done with him up to that point.
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