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Originally Posted by MegaMike1990 View Post
Interesting choices Domayv. I once thought about Emily Neves as Revy (though I never mentioned it here), and Eric Vale as Benny (would make him voice a Hirata Hiroaki character other than One Piece's Sanji).
I can explain my casting suggestions:

David Matranga is THE closest Texas answer to Brad Swaile (he actually would make a much better choice for Keisaku Sato in the Funimation dub of Shana instead of Greg Ayres, which many have said that he butchered Keisaku's voice and that Greg and Brad do not have the same vocal range at all); Patrick Seitz's "black man" voice isn't deep enough to replicate Dean Redman's (it actually would be better to use an actual African-American actor for Dutch like what Ocean did) and would be better cast as Verrochio (both Seitz and McNeil have a very similar vocal range. It's why many Vancouver-based fantasy dub casts on this forum who feature characters that were voiced by Patrick Seitz would have Scott voice those characters instead); both Brian Drummond and Eric Vale sound very similar to each other; Luci Christian can replicate Lisa Ann Beley's Eda (watch Luci's performance as Medusa from Soul Eater for reference); Trevor Devall (before moving to California) and Michael Adamthwaite are basically Canada's answers to Crispin Freeman (same with J. Michael Tatum and Mike McFarland); and Ryan Reynolds II can do creepy boys pretty well (see her teenage Louis L. Bridget from Freezing for reference).

Anyways, here's my take with a California-based cast

-Rock: Dave Wittenberg or Michael Sinterniklaas
-Revy: Julie Ann Taylor
-Dutch: Beau Billingslea
-Benny: David Vincent
-Balalaika: Victoria Harwood or Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
-Roberta: Amanda Celine Miller
-Shenhua: Karen Strassman
-Bao: Doug Stone
-Garcia Fernando Lovelace: Brianne Siddal
-Masahiro Takenaka: Richard Epcar
-Kageyama: Dave Mallow
-Bai Ji-Shin Chang: Keith Silverstein
-Eda: Megan Hollingshead
-Sister Yolanda: Barbara Goodson
-Rowan Pidgeon: Keith Silverstein
-Verrocchio: Michael McConnohie
-Leigharch: Christopher Corey Smith
-Luak: Michael Sorich
-Chin: Travis Willingham
-Colonel Matsuto: Jamieson Price
-Speilberger: Steve Blum or Keith Silverstein
-Wentzel Ahbe: Kaiji Tang
-Chinese Man: Will Short
-Lotton: Yuri Lowenthal or Steve Staley
-Hansel: Cindy Robinson
-Gretel: Stephanie Sheh
-Ginji Matsuzaki: Keith Silverstein
-Yukio Washimine: Bridget Hoffman
-Groovy Guy Russel: Richard Epcar

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