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Default Re: Bone (the Jeff Smith comic)

Originally Posted by CatsTuxedo View Post
Only barely remember those chapters that Disney Adventures ran way back when, but taking a cursory glance, I got some ideas.

*Fone Bone - Vince Tong
*Phoney Bone - Scott McNeil
*Smiley Bone - Mike Donovan
*Thorn - Rhona Rees
*Granma Ben - Shirley Milliner
*Lucius Down - Mark Acheson
*Great Red Dragon - Dean Redman
*The Hooded One - Pauline Newstone
*Kingdok - Scott McNeil
*Stupid Rat Creatures - Paul and Brian Dobson
*Roque Ja - Chris Britton
Scott as Phoney and Kingdok is great as usual, Mike as Smiley is very fitting, and Dean as the Great Red Dragon is spot on.

I like the idea of the Dobson Brothers as the Stupid Rat Creatures, but I'd personally use Paul's Moleman voice as a basis for one of them. But that's just me.
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