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Default What Is Patreon and Why Will It Help BTVA?

About Patreon:

Patreon is a platform for which fans can donate as little as $1/month or simply a one time donation in support of content creators (eg. YouTubers). Funding goes towards Goals and Rewards for subscribing Patrons, and also in the case of BTVA, the maintenance and continual growth of the site.

Why It Will Help BTVA:

Since its inception in 2009, BTVA has been run by a handful of dedicated volunteers during their spare time. And while the site has grown immensely during the past nine years, the time of our team has inversely decreased. Jobs, family, school - simply real life has taken over and as a result, the progress of BTVA has slowed in the past year or so.
So, we have decided to turn to Patreon to help us afford to dedicate more time and resources in getting BTVA back on track and making it better than it's ever been!
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