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Originally Posted by King Marth 64 View Post
I don't think David probably did voiced Siegbert, most likely Xander, Kaze, and Shura, I think Siegbert could probably voiced by someone else in Fire Emblem Fates or Todd Haberkorn probably was voicing Siegbert all along until we can hear more of his lines since we only heard his grunting attacks in Book II as of right now.
Todd Haberkorn has a very recognizable voice, and is active on social media. If he was in Fates, I doubt he would remain elusive for long.
Originally Posted by HylianBelmont View Post
Kaze and Siegbert are definitely the same voice actor though. That's the thing, it's especially obvious if you listen to their my room lines.
Same with Kaze and Xander. And Kaze and Shura. Honestly, it just seems like the same idea as a lot of the Heroes castings, where they had another VA that would fit the role already in the booth and it was just a matter of convenience.
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