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I haven't seen this in awhile but I think I'll do one.

Revy - Kelly Hu
Rock - Masi Oka
Dutch - Keith David
Benny - Nolan North
Roberta - soft-spoken Spanish-speaker?
Mr. Chang - Daniel Dae Kim (or Denis Akiyama but that's not LA)


Revy - Colleen Clinkenbeard
Rock - Robert McCollum
Dutch - Marcus Mauldin
Benny - Mike McFarland
Roberta - Monica Rial FTW!
Mr. Chang - not sure tbh, maybe Ian Sinclair...

Out of the characters I remember (tho this show's definitely worth a rewatch, probably in japanese this time for me), the only one I didn't do is Balalaika - I don't know many Russian-sounding VAs, & Texas IME is pure garbage at accents.
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