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Default Re: What recording stuff are you using?

I usually record my clips using Freecorder. I use MergeMP3 if there are multiple ones I want to use (or, if another character interrupts a monologue, and it can be left out without affecting context, I record around that and then use MergeMP3 to put them together). I usually only use Audacity to amplify them if they're too quiet, or to cut out extra bits (like if the clip runs too long, I remove some silence or lines that aren't as good. Sometimes, a character starts talking at the end, so I cut that out too).

I have a microphone/headset, and they seem to work pretty well (though I don't have anything to prevent the P sound issue). Haven't checked which brand or company, though.

And yes, you've gotten me curious about Adobe Soundbooth. More advanced? More useful features?
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