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Default Re: Streets of Rage 4

4 player co-op

2 players featuring Blaze, Adam, Floyd and Cherry

4 players looks fun but expectantly chaotic.

Some of my observations; Cherry is probably the most agile character, especially being able to run. Floyd is the least agile but can move around when holding an enemy. Adam can dash forwards, but I'm guessing Axel, Blaze and Floyd can't run at all. There's landing on feet recovery, very similar to landing after being thrown by an enemy, like it was from previous games. Some enemies, like Goro and Shiva can breakout being held. On the subject of Shiva, this is his best design since SOR2.

For sound, music and voice over. From the demo, the hit sounds are kind of weak. There is not much variety of hit sounds. For example Lloyd with his metallic arms should have a metallic hit sound on impact. Instead his hit sound is the same as everyone else.

The music was played relatively quiet, but there are tunes that sound from the 90's.

The voice over is mostly is miss for me. Plus are Adam and Floyd. Cherry is in the middle. Axel and Blaze are weak sauce, especially Blaze.

Good news is that these are demo footage so there's time to improve before final release.
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