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Post Re: The Vision of Escaflowne

Originally Posted by Smarttamarr94 View Post
You always know who to cast and I always love options! I will say that Ray Chase is a little deeper than I would've liked for Van. I think Jason Jason Spisak or Nicolas Roye would be better for Van. Now that I think about it, Jamieson Price would work deliciously for Folken even though I like the idea of Crispin Freeman. I've always seen Dave Wittenberg as Jajuka for some reason. Nevertheless, excellent choices
Thanks! I will admit, Jajuka was a tough one to pick, in part because, well, with a design like that picking how you want him to sound like can be a bit tough. I mean, in Japanese he sounds like your standard Anime Protagonist, in the Ocean Dub his voice is surprisingly deep and in the Funimation one it's somewhere in the middle but leaning more towards the deep side of things.

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