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Default Re: The Vision of Escaflowne

Originally Posted by Neo Shadow King View Post
MY turn then:

Kanzaki Hitomi: Erica Mendez
Van Slanzar De Fanel: Ray Chase
Allen Schezar: Matthew Mercer
Merle: Kari Wahlgren
Princess Millerna Sara Aston: Rachel Illis

Dryden Fassa: Kaiji Tang
Balgus: Paul St Peter
Emperor Dornkirk: Michael McConohie
Dilandqu Albatou: Cristina Vee
Folken Lacour de Fanel: Crispin Freeman

Naria: Kate Higgins
Eriya: Michelle Ruff
Jajuka: Yuri Lowenthal
Gaou Fanel: Jamieson Price
Varie Fanel: Cindy Robinson
You always know who to cast and I always love your options! I will say that Ray Chase is a little deeper than I would've liked for Van. I think Jason Spisak or Nicolas Roye would be better for Van. Now that I think about it, Jamieson Price would work deliciously for Folken even though I like the idea of Crispin Freeman. I've always seen Dave Wittenberg as Jajuka for some reason. Nevertheless, excellent choices

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