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Default Re: "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3: Now With More Gunn" (2022)

Originally Posted by The Doctor View Post
Get your pinches of salt ready, since some rumors of the plot have surfaced:

Nothing too in-depth/spoiler-y (I imagine, like the reveal of Ego being Star-Lord's father, these things, if true, will be in the trailers), but Lylla possibly being in the movie got me thinking who they will get to voice her. An actual voice actor would be super-cool (I would be 100% happy with Fryda Wolff reprising from the Telltale's game), but they will probably get an on-camera actor. However, the cool thing with Marvel has been that they don't usually go for lame stunt castings, but rather get actors who first and foremost fit their characters, and Gunn likes to cast fan-favorite cult actors in his movies (I'm convinced that even Kurt Russell was cast as Ego for characters like Snake Plissken and Jack Burton), so I'm sure that whoever they get for Lylla will be great.

Who I personally would like to see? Well, that kinda depends what direction they plan to take the role. If they are going to be more comic-accurate and make Lylla this sweetheart who can bring Rocket's softer side out, Lea Thompson, Jennifer Tilly or Alison Sudol could be great. Then again, previous two Guardians movies took major liberties with the source material, so I could see them reinventing Lylla as this hard-as-nails chick, who can really challenge Rocket at his own game, in which case Katee Sackhoff, Michelle Rodríguez, Kate McKinnon or Sarah Silverman could all be amazing and it would be fun to see any of them bounce off from Bradley Cooper.
Originally Posted by TheVengeanceKnight View Post
I saw somebody suggest Lady Gaga as Lylla.

I mean, if Miley Cyrus could be Mainframe...
Originally Posted by CatsTuxedo View Post
I know she's more of a TV actor, but I keep hearing Spencer Grammer as Lylla. But if we were to talk singer-types, Sia didn't do half-bad in the Pony movie, and they could have Maddie Ziegler do motion-capture
People are suggesting Lady Gaga cause she and Bradley Cooper had great chemistry in the recent A Star Is Born movie.

I can definitely dig it.

Sia is an interesting choice too but I think i'd actually go for Gaga on this one.
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