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Default Re: Suggestions/Improvements

Well I do have an idea that I wonder if it could work for auditions and it is to allow producers to provide a "sample voice" for characters.

What do I mean by this? Simple often enough in various productions producers want the people who are auditioning to try to imitate a certain voice as much as possible. This is common for adaptations in which producers will provide a clip of the characters' official English or Japanese voice. But this can be used for original productions in which producers can use a sample clip in which it will give us an idea of what kind of voice they want for a character. The clip can go underneath the character's picture and one could potentially play the clip if they so want to. But the question is how to use this idea...

One idea is that if the producer wants to pick a sample clip for a character then they could use one of the several audio clips in the site. They would then access a search menu where you can search through the sound clips on the site until they find one that they would want and use it as the sample clip for that character for the Casting Call. However the only potential problems are that while there are plenty of sound clips in the site but there are plenty of TMG's that have little to no sound clips at all and that the majority of them are English so certain producers may find our selection rather limiting. So in other words we may get plenty of requests to add certain sound clips to the site more if we did this idea.

Or we could allow producers to upload their own clips for the characters in their productions that way they are not limited to what we have. However this would also be a bit more difficult to regulate (even if producers use some rather questionable choices for clips though). But it would at least give them a bit more freedom over which sound clips they use as a "sample clip" for the character auditions.

But either way characters only get one "sample clip" each and this will be optional since I am well aware that there are producers who encourage people to come up with their own takes on characters.
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