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Default Radiant Historia

With the voiced remake coming up, I thought that I'd give this a stab.

PCB / Valerie Arem

Stocke - Ray Chase
Eruca - Xanthe Huynh
Aht - Ashley Burch
Raynie - Erica Lindbeck
Marco - Max Mittelman
Rosch - Xander Mobus
Gafka - Ed Bosco

Lippti - Eden Riegel
Teo - Cindy Robinson
Nemetia - Cassandra Morris

Heiss - David Lodge
Protea - Valerie Arem
Selven - DC Douglas
Dias - Derek Stephen Prince
Hugo - Jamieson Price
Fennel - Kirk Thornton

Sonja - Marisha Ray
Kiel - Bryce Papenbrook
Viola - Rachel Kimsey
Raul - Evan Smith
Vanoss - Sean Chiplock
Liese - Carrie Keranen
Garland - Patrick Seitz
Galva - Michael McConnohie
Bergas - Richard Epcar

It's been a little while since I've played through the game, so a lot of the side characters I casted based off of appearance.
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