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Post Legend of Heroes: Trails

Decided to conjure up a cast for the Crossbell Arc (Trails of Zero and Azure). This will be mainly be focusing on characters introduced here, meaning characters from the Sky games that appears here will not be listed, especially since they have already established VAs. Here's hoping the Kai Ports for PS4 be localized.

Lloyd Bannings – Robbie Daymond (Official)
Elie MacDowell – Jessica DiCicco
Tio Plato – Kayli Mills (Official)
Randolph “Randy” Orlando – Jonah Scott (Official)
Noel Seeker – Caitlin Glass
Wazy Hemisphere – Aaron Dismuke
Alex Dudley – Kyle Hebert
Rixia Mao – Erica Mendez (Official)

KeA – Tia Ballard
Zeit – Marc Diraison
Sergei Lou – JB Blanc
Fran Seeker – Christine Marie Cabanos
Cecile Neues – Julia McIlvaine
Guy Bannings – Ray Chase
Sonia Balz – Laura Post
Mireille – Ryan Bartley
Ilya Platiere – Jennifer Losi
Sully Atraid – Brina Palencia
Marconi – Richard Epcar
Garcia Rossi – Jason Douglas
Cao Lee – Jerry Jewell
Joachim Gunter – Greg Chun
Dieter Crois – Christopher Sabat
Mariabell Crois – Monica Rial
Arios MacLaine – J. Michael Tatum
Sizuku MacLaine – Brina Palencia (Elle from Xillia 2 voice)
Sigmund Orlando – David Lodge
Shirley Orlando – Amanda Lee Connors (Official)
Wald Wales – David Wald
Grace Lynn – Dorothy Fahn
Michel – David Vincent
Jona Sacred – Amanda Celine Miller
Ian Grimwood – Paul St. Peter
Arianrhod - Cherami Leigh (Official)

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