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Lightbulb Animated Superhero Action Comedy (Casting Call)

The world is full of superheroes. And to his chagrin, John isn't one of them.

He wants to be famous. He wants to be popular. Instead, he has to watch as all superheroes around him are adored by just about everyone, while he stays a loser. Until one day, he's had enough. A self-induced accident (well, more or less) gives him superpowers, and so he goes on to collect glory! Uh, I mean, selflessly fight for the innocent civilians without expecting a reward.

But even though his reasons are selfish, it doesn't really matter, right? Superhero is superhero... right?


We need so many roles that you're almost guaranteed to get some kind of role, even if it's just the noises of the crowd or a one-shot character. But yeah, if you're a talented voice actor and aren't expecting payment, then we may be your crew!
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