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Unhappy RIP Manos Venieris

Manos Venieris, one of Greece's legendary voice actors, passed away this Monday from reasons yet unknown.
He was the voice of Lucky Luke in the first two series, Ulysses from the Japanese/French animated sci-fi reimagining of the Homer epic, adult Son Goku as well as Master Roshi, Pilaf, Yamcha, General Blue, Crane Hermit, Tenshinhan, Yajirobe, King Picollo, Nappa, Nail, Guldo and Recoome until the middle of the Namek saga, Gruffi in Disney's Gummi Bears, Negaduck in Darkwing Duck, Dog in the first two seasons of Catdog, Cyclops in X-Men The Animated Series, Mamoru in the first dub of Sailor Moon plus many others including a live-action role as Charles(called "John" curiously) Ingles on the Little House on the Prairie.
He was married to actress and dubber Maria Bonikou. In his last years he focused on writing books and theatrical plays for children.
You can hear some of his work here;
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