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Default Re: Are Vancouver dubs going to go extinct?

They haven't formally announced this yet, but since they're credited on the official site ... Digital Sound Magic is doing the English version of the upcoming VR visual novel AltDeus. They have the main cast listed with audio clips in both English and Japanese.

Originally Posted by IMB View Post
They seem to still have the cast do VO for the TCG commercials, though who knows how far in advance those were recorded.
They've been reusing the same audio for the last 5 commercials ...

The common speculation is that the dub is skipping the current season. As I previously mentioned, it's a weird magical girl spinoff that isn't as directly a promotional tool for the TCG as earlier iterations. The next Vanguard anime, Overdress, is meant to be a big 10th-anniversary push, so it'll hopefully resume with that.
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