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Default Re: Are Vancouver dubs going to go extinct?

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I don't know how common competing test dubs ever were, but I imagine pilot dubs in general are less common nowadays.
Years ago I recall hearing that Ocean had an office in Japan for courting work directly from the anime studios. No idea if they still do, but the Kingdom dub guys does.

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Among the anime specific distributors, I'd be surprised if Ocean was still in the conversation for shows during the studio bidding process. Maybe when Crunchyroll first started dubbing series, but not anymore. If your biggest concerns are cost and "star power" (to promote the show), there are obviously better options elsewhere.
And how many bidding contests are there really? Funimation and Sentai have their own studios. Netflix wants dubs for all their major markets so they go to VSI. That leaves the rest fighting for Crynchyroll and Viz's modest dub output. It's a very different time from when you had nearly a dozen active dub producers in LA alone.

(And now there's talk about Sony buying Crunchyroll and merging it with Funimation. I bet Bang Zoom and Studiopolis are offering their firstborn for Yashahime.)

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Saikano was Viz, but IIRC the Jojo OVAs were actually from the Japanese producer, who tried releasing it themselves.
Yes, Super Techno Arts was a subsidiary of APPP. They were super slow and cautious, releasing it on 2 episode DVDs every blue moon. It was quite the memorable debacle, and even weirder because their rep was an animator who was freelancing on shows like Samurai Champloo and Black Lagoon in between something happening with Jojo.
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