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Default Re: Are Vancouver dubs going to go extinct?

Originally Posted by PacoSlimee View Post
To get back on topic, one thing I had heard back in the day was that studios in Japan would commission pilots to various dubbing markets (Like how there are pilot dubs of One Piece with Blue Water, Ocean, and Funi casts floating around). Does anyone know if this is even still a practice? I'd be curious to find out if Vancouver is just not in the discussion of being a potential dub location for some odd reason.
I don't know how common competing test dubs ever were, but I imagine pilot dubs in general are less common nowadays. Most anime is presold to international distributors prior to a single episode airing. With the exception of Netflix, those companies are also anime-specific, so Japanese promotional materials are unlikely to be an issue. TV sales are no longer a concern either. Unless it's when a series is in development and looking for funding (Snack World, Mecha-Ude), I'm not sure the production houses would commission dub pilots anymore. Their use would be limited. The only exceptions would be the kids stuff, which in a lot of cases is still handled the old way.

Among the anime specific distributors, I'd be surprised if Ocean was still in the conversation for shows during the studio bidding process. Maybe when Crunchyroll first started dubbing series, but not anymore. If your biggest concerns are cost and "star power" (to promote the show), there are obviously better options elsewhere.

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Not sure if this makes a difference, but San Francisco isn't 100% new to dubbing anime. They dubbed the SaiKano series, and the JOJO's Bizarre Adventure OVAs. That's not much at all, but I have to wonder if I'm missing more. I have no idea what you heard or what your contacts said, but I have to imagine it helps that some licensors/ distributors (Crunchyroll, Viz, and Netflix included) are based there. In fact, I think it was Viz who commissioned the JOJO's/ SaiKano dubs in San Francisco back in the day. I guess that's more a revival than a resurgence, tho.
Saikano was Viz, but IIRC the Jojo OVAs were actually from the Japanese producer, who tried releasing it themselves.
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