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Default What exactly the reasoning for the "block of names" style of official voice credits?

I know that in a lot of old animated TV shows, the credits were like that because they were listing all of the people present in the studio for the entire season; it was easier than updating the credits to detail all of the voice actors' roles on an episode-by-episode basis. But that doesn't explain a lot of other animated TV shows (even contemporary ones!) that don't specify voice roles but do update the credits each episode. And of course some animated films and especially a lot of video games who don't follow the traditional episode/season format still do the "block of names" thing.

So what's the deal? Is it the same logic as to why if there's multiple artists or composers, for example, the credits usually don't go into specifics as to who did what? Do the people making the credits just don't think people will care any more about voice actors' roles for it to be worth the extra space?

Sorry if this seems ranty; it's just something that's bothered me for the longest time.
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