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Default Re: History of Canadian voice acting

Where Canada's entertainment service industries congregate can usually be explained by two things: government subsidies or proximity to the United States. With voice acting, it's the latter.

NYC was entertainment's biggest hot spot for a very long time. Toronto, the largest "close" Canadian city, benefitted through co-productions and the like. The Rankin Bass specials, for example, were headed up by companies based in New York, but had aspects of their production (including VA work) done in Toronto. It's more or less an identical story for the Marvel Super Heroes and the original '67 Spider-Man cartoon.

My gut instinct is that Montreal is Canada's second oldest distinct VO talent pool. Cinar and Saban started the avalanche in the late '80s, but Cinelume was already dubbing things like Astroboy a few years earlier. I'm sure there are older productions (even excluding NFB shorts), but as anyone who's looked into these projects knows, they often lack proper credits.

Vancouver became a thing for animation voice work in the late '80s. This was reflective of the changing times in the US entertainment industry. More and more television work was moving out west to LA, so Toronto no longer made much sense for runaway productions. Vancouver did. A lot of the first wave of actors were people who did radio commercials.

I'm not aware of any notable productions out of Calgary prior to Blue Water's opening in 1999. Other places, like Halifax, Ottawa and Winnipeg, aren't regularly putting shows out.
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