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Default Re: VAs at Kameha Con

You may have noticed that, despite this being my thread, I largely stayed out of this discussion. This is partly because everything I was going to say has already been said, and it seemed pointless to repeat the same things. However, I will now come in with something that few, if any, people have been talking about - that this reflects really badly on Kameha Con itself. As the first exclusively Dragon Ball convention, it had the potential - and, indeed, the responsibility - to unite and appeal to all fans, regardless of their preferences. And in one fell swoop, they blew it. However this happened behind the scenes, in the end it just makes them look biased and downright unprofessional. They've really got to prove themselves from this point on.

Also, I'm glad their action was reversed, because it could've set a very dangerous precedent - one where anyone with a grudge could exclude a rival simply based on their position in the fandom. Indeed, why stop there? I can imagine entire panels being vetoed on that basis. Possibly, I am blowing this out of proportion a tiny bit, but for me, it's still a worry.
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