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Default Marvel/DC Dream Casts

  1. Wolverine=John DiMaggio. I see his performance of Wolverine something like Marcus Fenix.
  2. Charles XavierRobin Atkin Downes. I think Downes has a certain intillect that Xavier needs to be believable.
  3. Nightcrawler=Josh Keaton. Josh has is great at playing young playful character, I'd also love to hear him to a German accent.
  4. Dr.Doom=Troy Baker. What he does with Van Kleiss in Generator Rex is something of what I had in mind.
  5. Nova=Will Friedle. I think Will has a heroic sound to his voice but can also crack a joke which I think is right for Nova.
  6. Silver Surfer=Rino Romano. When Rino was doing The Batman, he had this calm tone that I think would sound great as the surfer.
  7. Norman Osborn/Green Goblin=Adrian Pasdar. After hearing Pasdar as Hugo Strange I know his Osborn/Goblin would be great!

  1. Batman=Wally Kurth. The voice he uses for Agent Six on Generator Rex could be a great Batman.
  2. Creeper=John Kassir. I think John could give the Creeper a sound that is original and not just the Joker with yellow skin.
  3. Kilowog=Brian Dobson. He played the Thing, I'm willing to bet he could do Kilowog.

Anyway thats all for now I'm gonna add more later

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