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Default Re: Kingdom Hearts + Disney General Dream Casts

Originally Posted by Troodon2 View Post
So with the passing of David Ogden Stiers, who do you guys think should voice Cogsworth and Jumba? I guess I can see wither David Kaye or Darin De Paul taking over, how about you guys?
Darin de Paul would definitely be a great successor; especially as Jumbaa! I'd consider Alistair Duncan also as a viable successor--something closer to his Alfred as Coghsworth, and then, if he can pull off a Russian accent, the ham of his Senator Armstrong could tick Jumbaa's mad genius moments off.

Maybe Fred Tatasciore? David Lodge would be my top personal pick for Jumbaa; his Jiraiya performance, with the accent of his Superman, would make a nigh perfect Jumbaa... and, heck, he did voice Alfred, so he could maybe do Cogsworth too.
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