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Default Re: Kingdom Hearts + Disney General Dream Casts

New cast! I know I've already done a few Alice in Wonderland casts, but they were for a new adaptation of the original book, whereas this one is based on the Disney film.

Alice in Wonderland
Alice - Maia Mitchell (my mindset here is "Well, she voiced Wendy...")
White Rabbit - Jeff Bergman
Cheshire Cat - Jim Cummings
The Mad Hatter - Stephen Stanton
The March Hare - Jeff Bergman
Queen of Hearts - Lauri Fraiser
King of Hearts - Eric Bauza
Doorknob - Jeff Bennett
The Caterpillar - Dan Castallaneta
Mr. Dodo - Corey Burton or Jeff Bennett
Tweedledee and Tweedledum - Eric Bauza
The Walrus - Neil Ross
The Carpenter - Jeff Bennett
Bill the Lizard - Jeff Bergman
The Dormouse - Eric Bauza
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