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Default Re: Batman Dream Casts

For my contribution, I've got casts for animated versions of two distinct sets of stories by fan-favorite writers:

1. 1987's graphic novel Batman: Son of the Demon by Mike W. Barr and Jerry Bingham
+Main Cast
Batman--John Hamm
Ra's Al Ghul--Armand Assante
Talia Al Ghul--Lauren Cohan
Qayin--Michael Nouri
Alfred--David McCallum back again
Commissioner Gordon--Paul Michael Glaser
Keith Szarabajka--Ubu
General Yossid--Brian George
+Additional Voices
-Phil LaMarr as Harris Blaine, Jr.
-Richard Doyle as Dr. Pearson
-April Winchell as a Demon's Head scientist/a doctor
-Dee Bradley Baker as a Qayin henchman/Al Ghul henchman
-Keith Ferguson as a Qayin henchman/Al Ghul henchman
-Quinton Flynn as the adoptive father
-Grey DeLisle as the adoptive mother

2. Matt Wagner's mid-2000's retellings of Batman's earliest adventures, the mini-series Batman and the Monster Men and Batman and the Mad Monk
-Batman--Jon Bernthal (an unconventional choice)
-Julie Madison--Anna Paquin
-Alfred--Tim Curry
-Detective Gordon--a returning Bryan Cranston
-Salvatore Maroni--Paul Sorvino
-Prof. Hugo Strange--John Lithgow
-Nicolai Tepes, the Mad Monk--Zachary Quinto
-Dala--Nina Dobrev
Additional voices:
-Sean Donnellan as the voice of Harvey Dent
-Maurice LaMarche as the voice of Commissioner Grogan, a mobster, and a cultist
-Phil LaMarr as the voice of Danny (a police department office assistant), a cultist, getaway driver, cop
-Nolan North as the voice of Ritchie, interrogated dock worker, mobster, masked robber, and a Gotham cop
-Grey DeLisle as a socialite, a cultist, and a talk show host
-Frank Welker as wolf VFX and monster men VFX, a mobster, a cultist
-Fred Tatasciore as a corrupt Arkham doctor, monster men VFX, a cop, and a mobster
-Richard Moll as Carmine "The Roman" Falcone
-Eliza Dushku as Catwoman (cameo)
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