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Default Documenting the Fantastic Work of Voice Artists in Children's Records

While I love BTVA, there is one thing that really bugs me. That is that children's records aren't a category. Nor are toys or other merchandise. Records are an extremely important part of animation voiceover history. This marks the first times that voices were done by other voice actors besides the originals. These are true gems but they need to be recorded properly and seeing how you guys have the best voice actor site around, you should do it! Due to contracting issues with certain characters, various voice actors are playing roles that are not the original voices. These things are hard to document but people like historian Greg Ehrbar on Cartoon Research has been documenting these things. I do realize that these things are hard to find photos for because all that's there is the record albums but still, these things are crucial to animation history and it'd be great if BTVA was the definitive source to properly document these things. I'm sure I could help you reach out to several children's record historians including Greg Ehrbar and Tim Hollis the authors of Mousetracks: The Story of Walt Disney Records and writer of a weekly column on children's records including documenting the original voices!

Here are a few gems...

Jack Mercer better known as Popeye the Sailor playing Huckleberry Hound and Yogi Bear in a Magic Wheel Record...

Scrooge McDuck was first introduced outside of the classic Carl Barks comic books in the record Mickey's Christmas Carol which was later adapted into a theatrical short in the 1980s with Alan Young as Scrooge. However, Alan Young wasn't playing Scrooge in the record, he was playing Mickey Mouse!

Actor Frank Milano plays this New York based record on every character in this Yogi Bear record except Cecil Roy who plays Cindy Bear.
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