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Originally Posted by Hayworth View Post
Hirata is Bill Farmer. Once he raises his voice it's hard not to hear the Goofy

Atobe I believe is either Dwight Schultz or Roger Jackson. They've both done that sort of raspy higher old dude voice before. Dwight already being Kage in that scene makes me lean more towards him

Arase is... maybe Chris Edgerly?
I can buy Hirata as Bill, I hear it ESPECIALLY when he says "Please!" The way the line is delivered is very Goofy-like.

I was thinking Arase is Chris but he doesn't speak much and for some reason his lines are mixed badly so they're SUPER quiet. Definitely one of the most likely candidates.

I'm unfortunately not too familiar with Roger Jackson or Dwight Schultz's work to comment on them as Atobe but those sound like solid guesses, hopefully someone else could come in and hear what you do.
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