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Benares: David Povall

Originally Posted by Nightmare Crusher View Post
I definitely got a cheap vibe from stuff like "Steve Blum as the old people" and "Kirk Thornton as both villains."
Haha, yeah totally. Granted, it's weird to think that Blum might have still been considered a relatively "new talent" at that time. He had been around for a while, but I believe this is when he really started working outside of Animaze. It's my understanding that the early Animaze years weren't really something Blum thought he could pursue full-time--at least at that time.

Orion's situation can't have been helping.
Yeah, according to Macek, their deal was theoretically supposed to give Macek capital for dubbing and things. In the end, that never really happened, and Macek was left to do what he always did: pay out of his own pocket without taking loans. As a result of this, Macek actually started dubbing Megazone 23: Part II toward the end of Streamline's time. He said it was only like 75% done and was waiting on Orion to fund the rest. Presumably never happened, and we're left with another lost dub.

Stuff like getting two dubs, having both of them be union AND the cast sported by the second of those definitely seems like the result of a hard push.
Yeah, that's always kind of baffled me that way. Then again, I've always wondered how much that was Weisman and Jaffe pulling their magic versus Pioneer being behind it. The latter got Roddy 'friggin' McDowall to be in his Evangelion fandub and possibly has connections through his early days as a child actor. I wonder whether the wages were anything above SAG animation dubbing scale. Then again, Pioneer did have a bit of phase with celebrities: Naomi Armitage in the Armitage movies, Sean Young and Robert Loggia in Dog of Flanders, getting Don LaFontaine to narrate their trailers for a while... So hey, I guess you never know.

Which is funny because I'd heard these OVAs aren't in the best shape in Japan either. Something about a Blu-Ray release that was just an upscale of an old, crappy looking DVD version.
Oh yeah, I forgot that this was one of those titles that got an expensive bluray release that wound up just being a crummy upscale.
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