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Default Re: What recording stuff are you using?

So this is a mix of what I use/ideas for new members on a budget! Cause let's be real, I understand the turmoil of trying to produce the best quality sound with limited equipment. Here are my sort-of-helpful (definitely amateur) tips:

1. Use what you have! I had an old Rock Band microphone that could plug into the USB port of my computer. While it would be nice to have a $300 dynamic microphone, I have something that works!

2. Have a place to record! Make yourself a sound booth! I'm not going to lie, I use my closet as my "sound booth". It not only gives you a place to focus, but helps eliminate unnecessary background noise because you wouldn't bring your barking dog or your loud fan into your recording booth. Here is a link for other great ways to eliminate background noise before you even start recording:

3. Get Audacity! Everyone has a software program they like; personally, I prefer to do all my editing from the free version of Wavepad. However, no free program can eliminate spectral noise quite like Audacity. Noise removal is all I use it for, but it is worth it! Just highlight a half-second (500 milisecond) section of purely background noise, select Noise Removal under Effects, click Get Noise Profile, then go back to Noise Removal and click Ok. You may have to do this more than once, but it it a veritable life saver.

4. Don't be afraid of the mic! The microphone will not hurt you, please get closer to it! Enough said!

5. Get a little crafty! I made my own mic stand and pop filer from a DIY YouTube video! It's a fairly inexpensive way to fabricate the things you need and don't want to pay exorbitant amounts of money to obtain. This is the video I used, but find what works for you!

6. Don't ever apologize! The moment you apologize for your microphone quality, you have lost you chance at that part! Be confident in yourself! Do what you can to make your recordings sound good, then roll with it. More often than not, the Owner of the project probably didn't notice the poor quality until you said something. If you don't like what you produce, how can you expect anyone else to!?

I hope that helped! I'm still fairly new to this myself, but what does that matter? I fumbled my way through beginning amateur voice acting, and figured out most of this on my own. I don't want poor mic quality or a lack of confidence to stand in the way of anyone else's art.

So there you have it!

As always,

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