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Default Re: What recording stuff are you using?

Depending on what I'm recording and where I'm recording I'll use different software or a different mic.

For instance, for singing I always use my Blue Snowball on setting 2 with Garageband on mac (more recently Logic Express). However, if I'm voice acting, I'll either use my Snowball on setting 1 with audacity or my iPod microphone with Audacity on mac or with my iPod then touched up in audacity. More recently, I've taken to using Logic with voice acting as well because of its compression and other settings. It really helps with loud lines or uneven volume levels that cause spikes in the sound.

In the past I have tried both trial versions of Adobe Soundbooth and Audition as well as using the full version at my old high school a few times before i graduated. The cleanup tools were amazing; however, it is still better to avoid issues that require cleanup in the first place rather than have to remove them later.
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