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Default Re: What recording stuff are you using?

AT 4047 & 2035 (if I think I'm gonna be beating up the mic a bit)
audiobox USB interface/preamp

audacity is very easy and simple for amateur work
but for more professional work I used adobe. audacity has hidden limiters that you don't get to see from just the look of it. adobe products might be intimidating at first but very little of the slides and whistles make a different, adobe audition and soundbooth allow for the recording to open up much more, it will take much higher volumes and pitches without peaking, it basically takes the safety off that audacity implements. its like going from the easy to use, user friendly Mac interfaces that make it hard to break or screw up, and throw you into the world of PC where the sky is the limit but you better be careful so you don't eff everything up.
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