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Default Re: What recording stuff are you using?


I've done a fair bit of voice acting, myself. I use Audacity (like so many others) to record all my stuff. I personally think it does the job just fine and has a powerful Noise Removal tool which is very useful. Another handy thing about Audacity (again, I'm only giving my own personal opinion here) is that there's a pitch change effect, which is great for me if an audition requires a deep voice (which I don't really have a DEEP voice) so this helps a lot. I also started with just a cheap mic, but that gave me exactly what I bought: a cheap sound with lots of static noise in the background.

I um'd and ah'd for a while but took the plunge and bought a Blue Yeti mic which set me back just shy of 110. I would say it's definitely worth it. The Blue Yeti is a USB mic so no worries about XLR cables or Phantom power (I found this out the hard way with my first mic). The quality is brilliant and has a great range of recording patterns, the best for standalone voice acting would be cardioid.

I even bought a Behringer 302 USB mixer for my first mic in the hopes it might help improve the quality dramatically... it didn't. Also, a pop filter is massively important when recording, it makes a huge difference to the quality of your recordings. I used this mic to record the advert for my book.

You can take a listen here if you like:

I'm certainly not a pro, but I do feel as though I have a good general knowledge, if I can help, I will!

Connor Wolf
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