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Default Re: Transformers: Cyberverse

Originally Posted by Frontier View Post
Yeah, I also think the voice acting is kind of inconsistent.

Some VA's like Bumblebee, Windblade, and Starscream are pretty solid, but others like Shockwave and Soundwave sound fairly unremarkable.

I'm also not sure how I feel about Jake Tillman Peter Cullen impression for his Optimus Prime.
The problem I find with people doing Peter Cullen (or anyone else) impressions, is that they come off as just that: impressions. A more-often-than-not hollow representation of the voice they're trying to emulate with 90% of the identity but only 50% of the payoff.

I mean, don't get me wrong. That voice coming out of a friggin' 20 year old kid is impressive as heck, but... Peter Cullen is the only Peter Cullen out there. Want to be Optimus Prime? Do your own thing. Doesn't matter if you have an epic, deep voice, carve your own path, create your own performance.
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