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Originally Posted by SNaG View Post
Well that hasn't really stopped them before, so why now?

Looking forward to this one. Berseria was one of the best Tales games since Graces, so hope this continues this trend. VO sounds good in this trailer so I hope that's true for the game.
I feel like I read an interview with Wendee Lee where she talked about shopping around conventions for new VA's for Tales games so they didn't have to reuse any voices, which is how some Texas VA's end up in the games.

I think Yuri Lowenthal was told he couldn't audition for Yuri Lowell in Vesperia because he'd already been the lead in Abyss. I guess sometimes concessions are made for VA's who just voiced supporting roles/party members or antagonists, or were just in spinoffs or anime's. Or sometimes one VA can just end up fitting in several different roles in the same franchise.

I severely underestimated how much Johnny has been in Tales. And bringing up Dawn of the New World where Laura Bailey has also played three other Tales characters (that I can remember).
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