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Default Re: Spider-Man Dream Cast

Originally Posted by sofiablythe2014 View Post
Here's my own dream cast.

Peter Parker/Spider-Man - Max Mittleman

Ben Parker - Maurice LaMarche

May Parker - Tress MacNeille

Harry Osborn - Robbie Daymond

Gwen Stacey - Tara Strong

Mary Jane Watson - Grey DeLisle Griffin

Flash Thompson - Jack DeSena

Liz Allen - Jessica DiCicco

Norman Osborn/Green Goblin - Trevor Devall

J. Jonah Jameson - Carlos Alazraqui (I would give him a race lift to Spanish , an accent he pulls off well)

Eddie Brock and Venom - Eric Bauza and John DiMaggio

George Stacey - Kevin Michael Richardson

Max Dillon/ Electro - Scott Menville

Otto Octavias/Dr. Octopus - Rob Paulsen

Flecia Hardy/Black Cat - Tania Gunadi (race lift to Indonesian)

Curt Conners/The Lizard - Roger Craig Smith

Kraven the Hunter - Fred Tatasciore

Vulture - Jeff Bennett

Chameleon - Josh Keaton

Shocker - James Arnold Taylor

Wilson Fisk/Kingpin - Keith David

Silver Sable - Kari Wahlgren

Hammerhead - Ron Perlman

Sandman - Bill Fagerbakke

Rhino - Khary Payton

Scorpion - Jon Heder

Betty Brant - Alyson Stoner

Anya Corazon - Cristina Milizia

Glory Grant - Diamond White
Favorites in bold.

A Hispanic JJJ would be pretty interesting to see, not gonna lie
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