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Default Re: Keith Szarabajka

Originally Posted by TylerMirage View Post
Didn't forget them; I've never seen them. Can't forget something that you 'don't know exists'. :p

And yeah, Laserbeak is definitely my favourite VA role of his.

Also, are you sure you're not the same person as UltraAlanMagnus from TFW2005? You're both from Honolulu, constantly talk about VA'ing and constantly post about "don't forget they voiced so-and-so!" when people post characters that VAs have done. If you're not the same person, then I'm pretty sure I've found your doppleganger, Mr.Fennoy93.

EDIT: Never mind, I did some snooping and there's a link on your page here that leads to UltraAlanMagnus' page on TFW. Mystery solved. I just had to know. Sorry.
That's Ok. No more Snooping. Unless Your Snoopy the Dog.
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