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Default Re: Legend of Korra

This series is wonderful. I love Korra. She is so gung ho. It's great to watch. I guess if I had to pick something I didn't like it would have to be the use of Bolin during the last third of the series. In the last episode, Bolin kinda tries to lighten the mood and Mako dismisses him with a "not now."

Also, I'm not exactly big on the whole MaKorra thing. In the Last Airbender, I knew that Aang and Katara were gonna be together but they took their time with it. On this one, Mako is all over Asami, but then Korra gets captured and he makes a 180. Fangirls online have accused Mako of being a bad boyfriend to Asami. While I'm not too big on shipping, I can't exactly disagree with the last statement.
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