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For what was supposed to be a 1-off 12 episode season (before the creators found out they got a second season) it was pretty d*mn brilliant.

My only fanboy-crying's about the finale were:
- lack of explanation of Amon's ability to take away bending short of "advanced bloodbending"
- Korra getting her bending back so quickly (BUT, given it was supposed the permanent end of Korra, I get why they did that. Would've been a great character arc for her to go through a longer low point in her life as the avatar)

Overall the advance in technology grew on me greatly.

The one thing I found was that the adult characters were waaaaay more interesting than the new "Team Avatar". Korra was a pretty-by-the-books headstrong and at-times-vulnerable character. Mako was nothing special. Bolin was a poor man's Sokka (I laughed at maybe one or two of his jokes) and Asami was okay (only given her conflict with her father)

However, I found Tenzin, Lin Bei Fong and Tarlok much more gripping in terms of characters.

And am I the only one who thinks there should be a Tenzin family comedy spin-off!!!
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