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Default Re: Critical Role: D&D with Matt Mercer and crew

Thursday 1st May, marked edition 8 of Critical Role. After last week's intense encounter, the group barely made it out of the battle and the lava pouring into the room. Once again Travis Willingham was absent.

Critical Role Episode 8: Glass and Bone


Scanlan suggests to leave Grog, causing an uproar among the group. If they did leave Grog, who would accompany Scanlan to the houses where they pay for lady favours?

Scanlan sings: "Wherever you go, whatever damage they done, we will be right here waiting to heal you". Even Pike joined in. Song inspired by Richard Marx - Right here waiting.

Clarotta and Lady Kima to keep watch as everyone rests. Scanlan asks "what if they start having sex?" (not the actual words used but it means the same). Everyone, including the chat start laughing.

The tension between Keyleth and Lady Kima becomes very frosty.

Vax says "It's not a JRPG". In regards to tentacle monsters.

Trinket turns into a Persian kitten to save weight. The females of the group love it, Trinket not so much.

Scanlan shoots himself in the foot in regards to the gender of an dwarf. Makes himself very popular among the women of the group.

It only takes 5HP (Hit points) to kill a kitten.

Watching Laura Bailey visually upset as Trinket is down.

A new hero gets the "how you do want to do this?"

return of the an old hashtag: #SaveGrog

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