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Default Re: The Treasure Planet/Planetata na sakrovishtata

Originally Posted by millicent View Post
Commander Smollet (13:05) - Y'know, I don't actually think it's John Doe #83. Him and Wyner have a lot of similarities and can be hard to distinguish, but I think this guy is Wyner.
Yeah, I've noticed that too; that actor I can describe as being a strange combination of Wyner, Epcar and McConnohie rolled into one package. Yeah, I think you're right about it being Wyner.

Originally Posted by millicent View Post
"No. 3" (13:11) - Joe Perry maybe
"No. 4" (15:09) - Robert Axelrod
Long John Silver (17:26) - Barron
Perry would make sense, not that I have much grasp on his voice; definitely in his range from what little I know (Not that he seemed to have a large body of work on him it seems).

Barron's voice slips in with Silver, but my mind went to Kramer; doubtlessly just because it's one of them having a go at mimicking Reynolds.

Originally Posted by millicent View Post
As a result, I could see the advantages to keeping the cast small for a simple movie dub like this--not necessarily to save money per se but for the ease of just casting the most talented dubbers that they (presumably Barron directed this) knew were available--that could handle more than one role and get the sync right quickly--without getting nervous about the other actors. Adding even one slightly novice actor to play a minor part would be a calculated risk. What if the other actors make them nervous, and we have to do way more takes than is affordable for this cheap dub of this cheap movie?
Frankly, they put way more effort than this LSD trip of a film deserves. I don't think Bryan Cranston would've been particularly excited to have this on his resume, even when he was a small-time actor.
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