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Default Re: Dragon Ball Dream Cast

Originally Posted by NCZ View Post
Okay, you all get one hint as to who Zamasu's eng voice is.

Clifford Chapin says "the last time I saw casting this amazing, it was Asami in Legend of Korra".

Asami's VA was previously in the awful live-action Avatar movie.

Assuming he's not pulling your leg, figure out the rest from there.

For the record it's not Matt.
It's James Marsters.

think about, he was Piccolo in Dragon Ball Evolution (an live-action adaptation as bad as The Last Airbender), and he and Chris Sabat hit it off and became really good friends. Sabat said he had gotten someone really special for Zamasu also.

Marsters is not the usual dub VA and Marsters according to Sabat is a legitimate fan of the series.

I think the rumours of Marsters being a contender were pretty spot on.
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