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I'm not sold on Curio being Blaustein. The voice isn't nearly gravely enough. And there's still an entirely untapped pool in Nappy. Excellent observation on Ellen Lee, though; if Ortiz' first appearance in the show was early enough it can be justified.

Originally Posted by technickal View Post
Cool beans.
I think she's Mabel too. Kirby Wikia attributes the role to Lisa Ortiz, but she sounds a lot like Miranda from the first Pokémon movie.
Mabel is Amy Birnbaum, by route of G.I. Joe Sigma 6's Baroness, and it's the recurring role that got her her place on the cast credits. The connection between Birnbaum and Rogers lies with Max from Pokemon - extending that outward, and combining it with Rogers' main cast Kirby credit, and it's no wonder it caused Rogers' presence to overshadow Birnbaum... though maybe with a little help from another show...

Then there's GI Joe. While "Kayzie Rogers" is not present, people would just write her off as being Wendy Gaunt (with Birnbaum being Scarlett; 2 main girls and 2 females in the main cast). It's the opposite. Just envision a husky Tea Gardner. That's her Mabel and Baroness in a nutshell. Wendy Gaunt, whoever she may be, was the one Veronica Taylor replaced when the former went poof.

David Lapkin's association with Sir Ebrum makes the most sense characteristically speaking. His profile really didn't become noticeable until F-Zero's John Tanaka. There just isn't another directly relatable character.

Fololo and Falala are Tara Sands. 'Lolo's not too distant from Ritchie and the like, and plus Jayne is credited from the start, while Taylor is not. That Taylor is associated with them is simply outdated and unfounded skepticism.

As for Kirby in Episode 1... tell me you don't at least get Charmy Bee and Dustox out of that exchange. The "Fololo, Falala" line is the only really awkward one that gets in the way of the Birnbaum connection.

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