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Default Any Punch-Out fans?

One of my favorite game series has to be Nintendo's Punch-Out series, but especially its SNES and Wii incarnations.

The interesting thing about it is that those two games have the honor of being voice-acted, which is pretty cool if you ask me.

While Super Punch-Out for the SNES has only one voice actor doing all the voice roles, he performs them with such versatility that it tickles me that he did this before doing the voice of Mario in Super Mario 64. Check it out!

Punch-Out for the Wii, on the other hand, has an eclectic voice cast from all across the globe, featuring not only English, French, and Spanish, but Turkish and even Hindi (I think).

To any and all fellow Punch-Out fans here, who do you think gave the best performance? Did they fit their characters?

And because I'm a super-geek, who would you like to see come back? Any ideas for new characters?

If this thread gets supporters, I might post some of my ideas for who should voice who, and some original character ideas as well.
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