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Default Re: What site do you normally use for projects/auditions?

Although I love the spunk of your statement, a delicious orphan, JD Cannon is offering his reality of where projects and auditions are for him and all talent that are interested.

He is not paying for representation, neither am I, and neither are many other voice talents. We are representing ourselves, but paying for the ability to have access to tons of auditions that would otherwise not be available to us unless were at the very top of the food chain.

A business model has come into play over the past half decade called "pay to play: or "p2p" sites that charge you a monthly or yearly subscription to access auditions.

It is a very contentious subject in the industry, but I dare say, if you are a novice or a beginner, these are great places to start to see if you have the chops to do this for a living and get paid.

Now, to answer the OP's question, I incorporate a mix of pay to play casting sites, freelance sites, craigslist, voice acting forums, and my agent.

That mix, on a constant rotation, gets me rather consistent work.
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