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Default Genuine Concern

Recently, I stumbled across the Jan Rabson page looking at a comment I made two years ago, and seeing the backlash I got from it. I began to feel very concerned about how I may have been coming across on the site. In response I apologized for inadvertantly offending the two people who responded to my comment and started talking about me. But it's enough to make me feel like that maybe I may have inadvertantly done damage.

Yes, I am VERY passionate about certain dubs and have stood up for them again and again, but that's mainly because I felt that they deserve to be better recognized and I find them underrated. I do realize that this may have caused some people to be annoyed with me, and I apologize for that.

Furthermore, I did not intend to offend any voiceover artist when I say that I didn't find a particular performance of theirs not up to my standards. Nor do I wish to come across as though I'm imposing my views on others. If I do come across like that, again, I apologize, but that was never my intention. I was simply trying to stand up for what I believe in.

If you see any comments on this website of mine that may come across as annoying, feel free to delete them. I don't wish to cause anymore trouble. I'm open to voicing my opinion, but I do not want to put others down.
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