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Default Re: Baki sentai redub

I'm always amused by the reaction to Sentai announcing a new Netflix title. There's so much anger (not on here, but elsewhere) at something so easily ignored. I'd completely understand the sentiment if these were replacement dubs, sending the original version and its cast to the scrap yard. However, that's not the case. These are the better produced, easily archivable 202X equivalent to Animax Asia dubs. They exist, but you're going to have to make it a point to find them.

Just look at Baki. Sentai redubbing the show did not prevent Studiopolis from returning and dubbing the latest season with their cast for Netflix. If anything, Sentai's redubs of these shows are the ones at risk of being cut short or otherwise forgotten. They're home video exclusives in the 2020s. Their reach is a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of the Netflix dub.

There are two scenarios I can see this becoming a problem: followups Netflix ignores and license lapsing. Both have already happened to Knights of Sidonia. Funimation picked up the new movie and got most of the dub cast to reprise. If it's a property that Netflix loses interest in and Sentai picks up future iterations of, they're undoubtedly only going to be dubbed by their cast. Though it's not really Sentai's fault if Netflix turns something down and there's no real guarantee anyone else would've gone for cast reprisals given the union status of the original dub. Realistically speaking, Netflix losing a license to a show wouldn't mean that dub vanishes, regardless of its physical home video availability. You can still find the original AICO dub within a few minutes online. Plus, if/when Netflix's rights lapse, their ownership of their dub likely goes with it (unless someone wrote some really advantageous contracts) - allowing any future partner to acquire it.

By all means, don't buy Sentai's home video release if it doesn't have the content you want. I just don't really understand the animosity. The original dub actors likey weren't going to get paid more if Sentai licensed that dub. That money is earmarked for Netflix's pockets. It's important to note that it's not just Sentai who's had these problems. There are two French Vinland Saga dubs for the exact same reason there are two English ones. A number of European Evangelion BD releases are using the older, non-Netflix dubs because they can't get the new one.
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