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Default Re: Baki sentai redub

It is what it is. The original dub isn't going anywhere. It's unlikely this will have any impact on future seasons of the show. I don't believe SAG offers royalties for dubbing work, so had Sentai bought the existing dub, that money wouldn't have gone to the actors.

Sentai is doing this because ... well, what else would they be doing? New shows are gobbled up by multinational megacorps. They lack the finances and reach of Netflix, Sony and Warner. Unlike Nozomi or Viz, anime is their entire business. Sentai isn't a turn-key operation run by a skeleton crew working from home that can survive on small volume (ala Discotek). They own production facilities and have full-time staff. They need to find work to keep things going. That's why they're dubbing shows they previously didn't, doing home video work for Crunchyroll and grabbing second window rights to Amazon and Netflix shows. They don't have many other options. They can afford to throw some money at things people would deem a bad idea because a) they have few others choices and b) much of that money isn't even their's.

The problem they'll face in the future is that those are all temporary fixes. There are only so many shows in their catalogue worth dubbing. Amazon has been done with acquiring anime for a while now, so there's a very hard end point to that library - which Sentai is quickly approaching. By this time next year, Crunchyroll could be a Sony subsidiary and even if they aren't, between Discotek, Funimation and Viz, they clearly didn't get the most popular shows. That really only leaves the Netflix stuff, which we'll have to see how that plays out. Making new dubs for them a) keeps their in-house studio working and b) gives their release something unique versus firing up Netflix again. The biggest issue I can see there (beyond cost of content) is that their news dubs are likely to be limited to physical media, which is an ever declining maket. If Netflix product becomes the majority of their output, what is Hidive going to stream? I guess the same stuff they're currently streaming.

I do think there's a possibility they benefit from Sony buying Crunchyroll. Netflix will not pick up the slack and license 40+ shows a year. There are plenty of genres they've shown little interest in. That means without a competitor bidding on shows, the cost of licenses will drop. Maybe to the point where Sentai could start acquiring new shows again. Or even have the Japanese production companies prop them up to help facilitate bidding wars.
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