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Default Re: Baki sentai redub

Originally Posted by SNaG View Post
It's such a weird business strategy. No one is forcing Sentai to take this show and redub it. And this one is especially weird since Baki is now co-produced by Netflix so I'm sure the next season will have the Netflix cast. I'm not a huge fan of their work but there are other shows they have in their catalogue they could focus on. What on earth is their endgame with this and Hero Mask?
According to Justin Sevakis, Netflix has some ownership of their dubs and want 50% of production costs to use them. Sentai (when they were ADV) literally used to not pay their walla groups, so there's no telling how much cheaper an in-house dub would be from them sadly. I'm totally with you though. Netflix putting so much money into their dubs has had great effects on the LA scene IMO, so I agree wholeheartedly on how disappointing it is that the regular degular anime licensor aren't following in their footsteps.
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